Haoyu Feng

artist, designer, creator

Name: Feng Haoyu 冯浩宇

Born in Guangzhou, China, based in California, USA. 中国广州生,现于美国加州.

I am a multidisciplinary creator and artist who doesn’t distinguish between disciplines and aesthetic systems. With a background in art and design, I’ve been photographing people and objects of art. And I am working on a few years project with designers, artist, dancers, circus performers and singers, titled Origin, and gained worldwide media exposure. I have also been a creator on various projects for Apple, Audi, Cisco, Fisher Price, Fujitsu, Google, Hasbro, Lenovo, Lytro, Philips, The North Face, PayPal, Panasonic and Volkswagen in the United States.

By bringing influence from art, design and photography, I create.