Gavin Firkser

World Wide Traveler

I’m not a drifter, nor am I homeless abroad. I travel, and I do so to indulge in culture and society around the world. While at it, I take photos. Not professional, but just cool amateur photos.

So this all started in just after graduating high-school. Actually, barely graduating. My principal let me off the hook with a missing credit. No university would accept me, so I enrolled in a year long course at a private institute for audio engineering. Well that didn’t work out.
A year of working full-time at my Pa’s hardware shop left me with enough money to get a car and an apartment, or just book it outta the country and see the world. Given!

I grabbed my camera, my pack, and got on the plane to Turkey. 2 years later I’m still at it, and taking a shit load of pics. Check em out at my site!