Sarah Fretwell


Sarah Fretwell did not intend to be a photographer.  She thought she was going to be a negotiator for the United Nations.  However, after completing her studies in International Politics and Outdoor Recreation, a mentor challenged her to “stay true to what inspires you as you enter ‘real life’.”  Those words struck a chord.  Eleven months later she set off on a solo expedition around the world.

For a year and a half, her camera became an extension of her body, mind, and…. heart.  It was during these travels that her passion emerged for documenting the most intimate moments of life; people and their surroundings,  hoping to open a window to others and remind them that all feeling is universal, and exists beyond demographics or geography. Some of her favorite travel memories include unexpected events that others may have considered “misadventures.”  Fusing life with lens, Sarah strives to capture the “raw” moments we all experience; instances, that when captured, come alive on film and tell a story of connection and interaction.

Sarah’s work includes advertising, editorial, lifestyle, travel, and humanitarian projects: global assignments that have come to her as a result of her own exploration, work and adventure, and her humanity.

She is fun to work with, loves collaborating with others, is a resourceful problem solver, always gives her honest opinion, and loves the outdoors.

But above all else, she has a passion for the unexpected.
Along the way she has also discovered that a sunset surf session, yoga on the beach, or a good glass of wine can cure almost any ailment.