COLORS 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects is a collection of objects gathered together by Colors, the magazine published by Benetton, during its ten years of activity. Objects which are useless and bizarre, but also commonly used objects which become extraordinary outside their normal context: from diet pills for dogs to lollipops containing a worm; from a toy vulva in satin and velvet to ethnic plasters in three colours; from Texan golf boots to a pubic wig. Food, fashion, sex: every excuse is valid to tell a story of different world cultures through a collection of objects which, as Peter Gabriel writes in his introduction to the book, are a valuable indicator of the habits, crazes, dreams and nightmares of our times: "We have made pictures of our ancestors from the things they have left behind. So it will be for the archaeologists of the future-by our objects you will know us".

TASCHEN's 25th anniversary – Special edition! “It's a visual feast of truly weird and wonderful objects from around the world.” – Sunday Express, London