Music as an expression of the world’s different cultures: the second CD of the series Colors Music CUMBRIA presents Latin America's new musical fever. This compilation features the best of this modern electro-tropical sound.

CUMBIA is the name given to a series of unfolding musical forms which originated on the Atlantic coast of Colombia as a hybrid of Amerindian instruments, African rhythms and European melodic structures.

For centuries, the Atlantic coastal cities of Colombia-important trade points and ports for arriving immigrants-were exposed to musical forms from other parts of the Caribbean and Atlantic world, including Cuban rumbas, boleros, and Argentinean tangos.

As Cumbia shifted and transformed itself to accommodate these new musical idioms, it never lost the irresistible back beat which distinguishes this coastal music from every other form of well-known Latin dance music. This is why Cumbia resembles the rock-steady forms from Jamaica far more than it does the fluid forms of salsa and Afro-Cuban music.

Cumbia was never meant to be contained by national boundaries and it quickly filtered across Colombia's borders. Today, modern Cumbia is rapidly spreading across the Americas, influencing and creating new musical genres.

A newly refreshed vision on Latin American Cumbia, this compilation features the best of this new tropical phenomenon..Mambotur, Celso Pina Y Su Ronda Bogota, La Sonora Dinamita, King Chango, Grupo Fantasma, Los De Abajo, Rossy War, Chicos De Barrio, Sebastian Escofet, Gilda, Senor Coconut, Gonzalo Martinez, Los Diplomaticos, Yerba Brava, Juan Carlos Quintero.

Date: August 29, 2003