Music as an expression of the world’s different cultures: the third CD of the series Colors Music Ottomanic tells about the peculiarity of hybrid and contaminated sounds coming from an imaginary modern Ottoman Empire.

The longest of the Middle Eastern empires lasting for more than five centuries and gathering the cultural richness of the Byzantine, Greek, Balkan, Persian and Arabic cultures, the Ottoman Empire became an example of cultural synthesis and mix never seen before.

During that long period Music, and also architecture, managed to absorbed all these traditions and survive loosing part of its autochthonous richness. Reaching a synthetic form that arrived till today.

This compilation pretends to retrace this spirit, taking as a musical epicenter Turkey, from where more electronic and jazz influenced western sounds are arriving, and travelling through Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Egypt.

The track selection is varied keeping alive traditional structures and modes, while also trying to give space to experimentation with other styles and forms. A true eclectic musical journey into Middle Eastern contemporary music.

Featuring the music of Burhan Öçal Tracky All Stars, Mohammad Reza Shajarian & Kayhan Kalhor, Bustan Abraham, Amhed Mukhtar & Sattar Al-Saadi,Soliman Gamil, Kudsi Erguner, Yuval Ron feat. Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Baba Zula, Mercan Dede Secret Tribe, Fathy Salama, Sultana, Muslimgauze.

Date: May 2004
Irma Records, distributed by Sony