Body Changes


Every girl goes through a good deal of drama while becoming a teenager. German singer Kim Petras went through a lot more.

Tim Petras was the first son of Konni and Lutz Petras. He had many pink dresses, played with Barbies and loved My Little Pony as much as his sisters did. But it wasn’t until his mother saw him try to cut off his penis with a pair of scissors that she understood his inclination towards being a girl wasn’t temporary. “From that day on, there were never any scissors in my house.”

I figured out that I could tape it back so I could wear bikinis! It worked really well.
Kim / Tim Petras, Germany

“I was four when my mum first told me there was a kind of surgery that could make me happy. From that day on, I started saving money for it”. By the time he was 11, Tim was already known to everyone as Kim and, by age 12, she was taking hormones to prevent the onset of male puberty. “I still need to shave my legs, though”, she says.

Kim’s operation was last year. She was 16. German law generally forbids sex reassignment surgery before the age of 18, but Kim was given permission based on the reports of psychologists who claimed her mental health depended on it. “My main doctor turned his back on us, calling me crazy. But I couldn’t even look at myself naked in the mirror”.

“I had many bras before, but it was really great to finally start buying pretty panties.” With all the procedures behind her, Kim can finally enjoy being a teenager. Whenever she is not recording her songs, she spends her time sharing makeup and high heels with her best friend Mike. “He’s been my best friend since February.”