Shark Angels

Apr 2010

The Shark Angels are leading a movement to build awareness and protect sharks from extinction through scientific research, direct action, grassroots activism and law enforcement. We represent the next generation of shark conservationists: cool, capable, educated and above politics. We need Shark Angels to give the world a new perspective on sharks and protect these magnificent sea creatures from our collective greed and ignorance.

The sea to me means future, hope, life.

When I think of a shark I picture grace, power, perfection. But when I think about what is going on with sharks, I want to scream and run through the streets, shaking everyone and telling them that we are letting one of our most precious resources slip through our fingers.

The man-eating monster myth is created to sell newspapers and increase ratings.

Those lucky enough to get a glimpse into the shark’s world know the truth. The sea formed me. I grew up as a true fish obsessed with sharks, which have always held a sense of magic for me. I have had many feelings towards them, but fear was never among them. I learned very early on that sharks were far more afraid of me than I was of them.

Wealthy consumers are creating a market for the demolition of the ocean.

When I started diving, it was relatively common to see sharks. But as divers, we are witness to the devastation first hand and these creatures have disappeared from all my favorite places. I have seen long-liner boats with shark fins drying in the sun along their private docks. Fishermen are traveling into marine reserves to catch them illegally. I went in wanting to hate these people but you quickly realize they are just trying to make ends meet and wind up feeling sorry for them. In fact, they are so poor that they can’t even afford to eat what they catch.

I sold my house, car and business and left it all behind to pursue my mission...
My name is Julie Andersen, and I'm a Shark Angel.

Julie Anderson

To see someone's perception shift is a precious moment for a shark conservationist.

One of the most amazing things to watch is someone realizing for the first time that here is an animal they have been taught to fear all their life, yet instead of eating it, the animal inspires awe in them.

Over 73,000,000 sharks will be killed this year, over 10,000 every hour.

Whether you love sharks like the original Shark Angels, or simply realize the critical role sharks play in maintaining the health of our planet’s largest and most important ecosystem, the time to act is now. All you need is passion and a desire to make a difference.