Swinging Sea


Captain Richie likes to swing. His ‘little friend’ is named Obi Wan Kenobi, and even though he is 72, Obi Wan is still the guiding force on Richie's love boat.

In a world where only perfect bodies can be seen having sex, the sea provides the perfect refuge for the old, the weak and the wrinkled to have their adventures.

For Captain Richie and Obi Wan Kenobi, the adventure began long ago in the 1960's when he met a stranger on a business trip and had "a fantastic sexual time." Soon enough, him and his wife were full-time swingers, and his penis, now named after the Jedi master, had become "the center of his universe." Not even the AIDS epidemic or the warning signs of prostate cancer could stop them.

You know you are doing all right when women find you hot at 72!
Captain Richie, 72, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Knowing that lust is the best antidote to the fear  of death, Captain Richie and his wife went all the way, establishing a yachting club for cruisers and swingers of all ages.
Jealousy, too, was not a problem.

"I have carte blanche permission from my wife to go find myself a partner,” says Captain Richie as he takes the helm of his love boat. “The trust and love in our relationship is too strong to be threatened  by sexual activity, no matter how good it is.”

A lot more than champagne and caviar gets passed around when Captain Richie's boat sails out of the harbor.

"At the July regatta a gorgeous 50-year-old woman comes over," he recalls. "She hugs me and she says 'Richy, you are fucking hot!' That’s gonna make a guy feel very good at any age, but particularly at mine."

Still going strong like a teenager trapped in the  body of an old man, Captain Richie is a symbol for swingers across the world. He is not alone either,   as hundreds of thousands across the globe discover the joys of swinging and add a little excitement to their lives, be it on land or on the waves.