Colors Magazine


I collect books and useless objects. I lived in Cuba for two years where I studied film. One day, a friend brought me a pile of COLORS magazines that he had found in Havana. I read them in an instant and was haunted by the photos. Back then it was difficult to find anything you could use to decorate your classroom at school — the walls were white like in a hospital — so I took the magazines apart and used the pages as posters (it was COLORS 42, the issue on Roma gypsies). I managed to wallpaper the whole room with the photos. Later I shot a short film and the names of my characters were taken from the gypsies in those photos.

The names of the characters in my films were taken from people who appeared in COLORS.
Liú Marino, 32, Santiago,  Chile

I started collecting COLORS when I lived in Berlin. You could get it at the newsagent every two months, four times a year. When I returned to Chile it was very hard to get hold of. Then I went to Rome and tracked down (almost) the entire back catalogue in the waiting room of a recording studio. I was beside myself and didn’t know how to talk about it with the owner. In the end, my boyfriend turned up with the entire archive collection as a gift. Now I have them here with me in Chile, and every now and again I read and leaf through them looking for information. They are stored at the foot of my bed, in an old piece of furniture I found at a market. After reading COLORS: 271 – Welcome to Vörland, the only thing I want is to go there!