I wanted to be an inventor, but I ended up studying architecture, which is how I make a living. I am passionate about politics and design, in that order. I started collecting dildo-shaped pieces about 25 years ago without even knowing why I did it. No, it’s not that I’m gay or phallocratic, but I believe that the shape of a phallus is really original and curious. I also maintain that the history of architecture is really man’s stubbornness to keep erect that which tends to fall... Every building, especially windmills and skyscrapers, defy the laws of gravity, are symbols of power, a great big, erect, and defiant phallus. But they share a fate: they will all collapse sooner or later.

Careful, I am not interested in erotic things, nor in sexual things, nor in penises. I don’t collect dildos or vibrators, nor do I collect consoling or sexual apparatuses, but pieces that have a phallic shape but aren’t substitutes of the phallus. Very complete collections of that practical issue which I don’t deal with already exist inside sex-shops. My collection is not meant for anything other than mental and evocative pleasure.

My favorite pieces are those which don’t reproduce the shape of a phallus in a realistic, literal way, those which are more ambiguous, where only some of us “sick people” see a phallus. I admit that after so many years I see phalluses everywhere.

A latch, some chipped plaster coming off the wall, a commercial logo, the silhouette of a traffic light, the shadow of a tower... sometimes even in the clouds. I see phallic shapes everywhere. I am probably loosing it and I am sorry that I have passed it on to several friends, some of which can already “hunt down” phalluses with greater visual sharpness than mine.

I am not a typical collector since I don’t give a dick (well put) about this collection.
Juli Capella, 50, Barcelona, Spain

The fact that I am doing this collection probably has obscure and negative connotations. People might think I am obsessed, or that I want to be provocative, or that I am a chauvinist... and there is probably an unconscious reason for this. But I don’t give this a lot of importance; I simply do it without putting in hardly any time, money or energy. But it’s fun, and if someone gives away a new piece, I truthfully thank him and keep it with lots of affection.

One time I organized lunch and a subsequent phallus party to thank all donors for their contri-butions. We laughed a lot and of course ended up telling blue jokes and projecting images of its uses while surrounded by the whole collection. It was true phallic intoxication. I want to do another one before I retire.