Political Memorabilia


I collect books, postcards, watches, political paraphernalia and many other things. My main passion is photo books. I have around 12,000. I have always been intuitively interested in books, but I also collect random things like the pink doll from Albania, which I purchased in 1989 when I was there. It is an Eastern Bloc, Communist doll. I always hated Mrs Thatcher and couldn’t believe anyone would collect things about her, so I did. I have always been fascinated by Saddam Hussein and the way he put himself on watches and pretty much anything. I have about 85 Saddam watches and a few hundred other items of political ephemera. I also collect self-portraits, and anywhere I travel I always have one done. When I was a child I collected fossils, birds nests, coins, and stamps. In college I started collecting postcards and books. My favorite collection is my Saddam Hussein watch collection because it is a one-off. I am always looking out for things so feel free to mail me anything you don’t want that might fit my collections.