Vacuum Cleaners


Kyle’s mom: Kyle collects vacuum cleaners, and his collection at one time was well over 200. Our home is filled with vacuums. They are in the basement, bedroom, garage, our two sheds and Kyle’s grandma’s basement. His passion for vacuums started at a very young age when he received a toy vacuum for his first Christmas. One of Kyle’s favorite vacuums growing up was his grandma’s 1964 Kirby. It was loud and heavy. Kyle loves vintage vacuums — one of his favorites is a 1978 Kenmore MagiCord. He loves the style and design. This machine was the top of the line in design during its era. Kyle’s oldest vacuum is the famous, coveted Hoover Model O. It’s a 1908 vacuum that still works and has all of the original parts. There are not very many in existence today. Kyle does not know why he started collecting vacuums. He loved the noise and the appearance of the machines. There are so many styles, makes and models. They come in different colors — some are chrome and futuristic, while others are cute and compact. Kyle’s collection includes uprights, canisters, different accessories and manuals. Some even have the original owner’s receipts from when the person bought the machine. Day to day, Kyle has a display in his bedroom that mainly consists of Hoover vacuum cleaners. Besides collecting vacuums, Kyle likes to fix them for friends, neighbors and relatives. There is no problem he can’t fix.

Collecting vacuums is like any other hobby. I collect when I have time, but i have other things that I want to do. I don’t want to make vacuums my life.
Kyle Krichbaum, 15, Adrian, USA

Kyle: When I was about eight months old I was sitting in my little baby seat watching my mother vacuum, and I was staring at the vacuum. I could not keep my eyes off it. My sister thought I was scared of the vacuum like she was, so while my mom had her back to me, my sister picked up my baby seat, pulled me down the hallway, into her bedroom, and shut the door. My mom turned around and had no idea where I was. She panicked, ran through the house, and discovered me with my big sister in her room.