This liter of water is said to have healing powers. You can buy it online for US$55.99.


19 holywater

Holy water from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France, comes in jerrycans, five-liter plastic bottles, hollowed out figurines of the Virgin Mary and crystal spray atomizers. More than 7,000 Catholics claim to have been healed by the sacred spring in this small French town, and over 6 million visit annually, making Lourdes a more popular pilgrimage destination than Mecca or Jerusalem.

This 25-liter jerrycan holds the minimum amount of water for a person’s daily needs.

20 africanwater

Yellow jerrycans have become symbols of Africa’s water crisis. In areas of Africa without water supplies, women will walk an average of five kilometers every day with one in hand. Below their feet, the continent contains huge underground aquifers, but accessing them requires infrastructure, and 30 percent of African water wells have fallen into disrepair.


From the pages of COLORS #85 - Going to Market.