This declassified FBI document reveals a plot to shoot Occupy leaders.

Law and Order, United States

“[DELETED] planned to gather intelligence ... obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles,” reads an October 2011 report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Houston, USA. The “leadership” refers to organizers of the peaceful anti-capitalist Occupy movement, who were looking to bring their demonstrations from New York and Seattle to the Texan city. The identities of Houston’s would-be assassins had been redacted, although some members of the Occupy movement suspect law-enforcement agencies. Other FBI reports released in 2012 under the US Freedom of Information Act reveal that the organization viewed Occupy as a potential terrorist threat.

To date, at least 7,765 Occupy protestors have been arrested in 122 US cities, on charges that point toward a wider policy of police harassment. Tim Osmar spent 17 days in jail for writing with chalk on a sidewalk in Orlando, Florida. Max Hodes was detained for “wearing a mask” in Concord, New Hampshire. During the occupation of Zuccotti Park in New York City, one man was charged with “amplified sound” for speaking into a bullhorn, another with “criminal mischief” when he was hit by a police scooter, and another with “grand theft” for returning a police officer’s dropped cell phone. At the Houston protest, seven people were charged with possession of a “criminal instrument,” namely, chains inside PVC pipe that they could use to chain themselves together. The case was thrown out: overenthusiastic undercover cops had infiltrated Occupy, pitched the idea, purchased materials and built the “criminal instruments” themselves.


From the pages of COLORS #88 - Protest.