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Today, the number of illegal aliens caught trying to cross into the United States has dropped to a quarter of what it was 10 years ago. Nevertheless, some US citizens have remained vigilant, forming anti-immigrant militias to patrol the US–Mexico border with cameras, binoculars and loaded guns.

“Living near the Mexican border and witnessing Border Patrol foot chases across my property, I was more aware of the problem than the public and politicians. I decided that visual evidence would create more awareness of the problem.

“I hiked into remote areas along the border looking for trails. When I found one, I would gather native materials and construct a disguise for the camera: dead cactus, hollowed-out logs, and fake rocks. Each device would give me five to 50 one-minute videos. It was interesting, but frustrating, to watch the number of people on the screen.

“Most illegal immigrants do not assimilate into American society and culture. Many, especially illegal border crossers, gravitate to ethnic enclaves that simply mirror the culture from their countries, instead of embracing the American tradition. They consume much more in taxpayer-funded services than they contribute in taxes.

“I was the first one to begin putting cameras on alien trails and then others followed suit. Generally, they are just regular citizens who believe our border should be secure. The goal of the government is to create that perception. The reality is something different.”

- US anti-immigration activist "Deadzone"


C89 19 walls 741il wall sportsground overview

The Israeli barrier around the West Bank. In the background, the Old City of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. 2005.


C89 19 walls 1309cm policevans wall queue

A wall separates Ceuta, Spain, from Morocco. Erected over the last decade, it prevents migration from Africa to Europe. March 2009.


C89 19 walls 1390kr watchtower flaggs

Observation post near Paju, South Korea, overlooking the demilitarized zone shared with North Korea. September 2009.


C89 19 walls 1686irq armyjeeps 2walls market

Shorja, a market in downtown Baghdad, Iraq, is secured by concrete walls and Iraqi military forces.


C89 19 walls 1742cy barrels blocks street“Stop. You are entering the Turkish zone,” reads the sign facing the Greek zone, on a barrier built in Nicosia, Cyprus.


 Barriers in Naco, Arizona, USA, seen from Mexico. April 2007.


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