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By registering and accepting the Conditions of Use, the User accepts his/her own exclusive responsibility for the Contents that he/she sends. In this respect the User declares and guarantees that he/she has lawfully acquired the Contents and can prove the ownership or authorization thereof at any time. The User undertakes to hold harmless Fabrica S.p.A. and the companies controlled by or associated with the same in accordance with section 2359 of the Italian Civil Code, also after subscription to the Site has ceased for whatsoever cause, from all and any claim, disturbance, dispute or demand, in or out of Court, by third parties or competent authorities, which in any case are in contrast with the declarations, guarantees and obligations of the User. The User also undertakes to compensate all and any damage or harm suffered by Fabrica S.p.A., and the companies controlled by or associated with the same in accordance with section 2359 of the Italian Civil Code, in respect of disputes for the infringement of third party rights having the Contents as their subject matter. To this end the User undertakes to pay all and any sum that is due to third parties related to claims and disturbances as mentioned above and therefore to hold harmless Fabrica S.p.A, and the companies controlled by or associated with the same in accordance with section 2359 of the Italian Civil Code, from costs and expenses, also when reclaimable.

The User undertakes in particular not to send Contents to the Site that are: (i) pornographic or with sexual undertones and in any case of an obscene nature or an offence against public morality and public order; (ii) in infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights of third parties; (iii) in any way or any form whatsoever offensive, prejudicial or defamatory towards third parties; (iv) of an advertising or sponsorship nature; (v) in breach of laws or regulations;  (vi) in breach of children’s rights; (vii) in infringement of the right of personal portrayal of third parties who have not given their consent to the publication of their images; (viii) in breach of third party right to privacy.

Fabrica S.p.A. will monitor correct use of the Site. Fabrica S.p.A. may therefore remove the Contents from the Site at any time at its sole discretion and inhibit access by the User as well as delete the User’s registration at any time and for any legitimate reason whatsoever without notice. Fabrica S.p.A. may also inform the competent Authorities, where appropriate, whenever it becomes aware of unlawfulness or immorality of the submitted Contents or unlawfulness or immorality of the User’s behaviour.

Under no circumstances may Fabrica S.p.A. be held responsible for Contents that may be improper, offensive or indecent and, due to errors or omissions, in any case transmitted by means of the Site.

The User permits Fabrica S.p.A. to file and keep the Contents and to communicate them: (a) for requirements of the law; (b) following request by a judicial or administrative authority; (c) to defend itself in third party proceedings; (d) for protection of its rights and security as well as those of the users and the public in general.


The Contents sent spontaneously by Users are published on the Site under Creative Commons Licence (except for art. 5) “Attribution – Non Commercial – Share in the same way 2.5 Italy, available at and to this end Fabrica S.p.A. will pay no fee for the Contents sent spontaneously to the Site by the User, who remains the owner of the actual Contents, which he/she may request to have changed or deleted at any time. When the User submits the Contents, he/she consents to the Contents being published on the Site. The User is aware that the submitted Contents could be copied, edited, transmitted or circulated in other ways by third parties and in this respect accepts all liability, holding Fabrica S.p.A. harmless.
It is specified that publication of the Contents is not valid as practice of journalism or as application for admission for cub reporter registration as per sections 26 and 33 of Italian Law No. 69 of 3 February 1963.


Fabrica S.p.A. is in no way responsible for the Contents sent by the User to the Site. The Site services are provided without any guarantee, either explicit or implicit.
Fabrica S.p.A. undertakes, within the limits of its possibilities, to provide the service, but may not be held liable for any damage, loss of data, information or other damage due to delay, lack of or imprecise information, restrictions or loss of access, difficulties or problems of any type, errors, unauthorized use during access to the service or other forms of interaction in the service. Fabrica S.p.A. offers no guarantee and is not responsible should: (i) the service not satisfy the User’s needs; (ii) the service not be carried out without interruption, (iii) the service not be prompt or error-free; (iv) the information or results not always be precise and reliable; (d) there be inconveniences or defects in the Site management software.
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