The choice of social issues, the collaboration with entities concretely committed to solidarity and the support for causes that otherwise could not have been communicated on a global scale have given meaning and value to the Benetton brand, helping to build a serious and continuous dialogue with various actors worldwide.

Social Communication

For over thirty years, Benetton Group has been using its global communication channels to spread social messages. Also in 2020, the initiatives of Fabrica and of the Group, in general, contributed drawing attention to the injustices and the problems in our society by stimulating a concrete, solution-oriented debate.


Established in 1994 from a vision of Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani, it is based in Treviso, Italy, in a space of magical architecture restored and augmented by Tadao Ando.
A renaissance-inspired, learning-by-doing approach, where curious, restless, ambitious, generous, free-thinking talents from all over the world experiment contemporary communication through a constant contamination between different disciplines, such as photography, video, graphics, design, fashion, writing, music, digital and performance.

Local communities: territory, training and quality of life

Active and responsible attention to the needs of the community and of individuals is borne out by Ponzano Children, the children’s centre for pre-school children and babies, a state-of-the-art facility both in terms of its architectural design and its educational model, which offers a quality pedagogical service in the Treviso area.

Prominent in this context are the activities of the Fondazione Benetton Studi e Ricerche, which since 1987 has been working specifically in the area of safeguarding and promoting cultural and historical heritage. Its particular attention to the “good management of places” indicates the Group’s responsible concern for protecting the landscape and the environment.

Sport is another direct channel of communication with the community, as well as a means towards a better quality of life. Thanks to the Benetton family’s passion for sport, the Group’s concerns now also include thousands of young people introduced to sporting activities each year through the youth rugby sector. There is also the sport city, La Ghirada, open to all sports enthusiasts, in addition to the Palaverde multi-purpose facilities for hosting sporting events, as well as concerts, shows and cultural occasions.