Benetton Group’s commitment to a culture of respect, transparency and traceability starts with the attention dedicated to internal stakeholders and with the creation of strong relationships with the external ones.

The Group wants to reach its sustainable development goals through means such as inclusivity, attention and dialogue. The relationship with the main stakeholders is based on trust and mutual understanding and on Benetton’s commitment to promoting their direct involvement in every strategic decision.

Taking the areas of Company activity into account, Benetton Group has mapped its stakeholders, dividing them into:

  • internal: people that are part of the Company;
  • external: people that work along the Group’s value creation chain or that are indirectly influenced/affected by the Company’s activities.

Following this exercise, 30 relevant categories of stakeholders were identified, which, through dedicated interviews and workshops with the main Company functions, were subsequently prioritized on the basis of:

  • their dependence on Benetton;
  • their influence on Benetton.

Benetton Group promotes and manages the stakeholder relationship through specific involvement activities. At a central level, the main topics of dialogue and confrontation regard product life cycle, health and safety in the workplace, and the correct and transparent management of the business. At a local level, the main aspects addressed are respect for human rights and the responsible management of the environmental impacts of facilities.