Benetton Group considers water a key resource for people and the planet. Therefore, the Group analysed the geographic distribution of its suppliers involved in wet processes to monitor how the organization impacts water-stressed areas. The analysis has been carried out with WWF Water Risk Filter 6.0.

Only 6% of suppliers are located in high-risk areas: per these locations, Benetton Group is committed to quantifying specifically monitor water use and consumption through FEM module.

Basin risk Number of suppliers % of suppliers
1 0 0%
2 88 40%
3 107 40%
4 10 5%
5 14 6%

Data as 12.31.2022

Benetton Group is also committed to quantifying the overall impact of water discharges along the value chain. In 2022, the facilities of Benetton Manufacturing, a strategic supplier, discharged 825,415 m3 of water. Of this amount, almost all was conveyed into water treatment plants. All plants are located in low-to-medium water risk areas.

Benetton also measured its water consumption for the headquarters equal to 33,191 m3, while it estimated its consumption of direct stores for 115 439 m3 per year. None of the operations directly managed by Benetton is located in a high-risk water basin.